Who We Are
Established in 1992, Sowers Action (Tax Exemption No.: 91/3859) is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit-making charitable organization in Hong Kong, committed to promote education aid in rural China by helping poor or disabled students to complete their education,reconstructing schools and facilities that fulfill safety regulations and improving the quality of teacher training. Emphasizing “On-site Assessment, Direct Subsidy and Long Term Follow-up”, we raise funds for education aid and operational expenditure separately to ensure donations are used effectively. Major fundraising events, including “Challenging 12 Hours Charity Marathon”, “Walk to Guangzhou”, “Long March for Education”, “Ancient Tea Horse Route Expedition” and “Cycling for Education”, are held annually to raise public awareness. In response to the nation’s changing needs, we have adopted an approach of “multipurpose educational aid”, extending our focus from hardware facilities to four major areas: special education, teacher training, student sponsorship, and school construction and facilities, with the aim of fully utilizing our donations and resources.


Differences Between Sower Actions and Other Charity Organization

Funds used for operational purposes are raised separately, any donation designated for educational assistance purposes will 100% be used for educational aids. Donations without specified purpose will be deployed to render educational aids automatically. All books and accounts of Sowers Action are open to the public for inspection. All donation income and accounts settlement are audited annually in accordance with law by one of the “Big Four” CPA firm.

Operational Expenses are Raised Independently

All donations received by Sowers Action are bound by our constitution and can only be used to aid China education projects, unless others specified.

Operational expenses are covered by incomes from our membership fees, bank interests and specific fundraising campaigns. Under no circumstance it will be drawn from the benevolent donations.

The majority of Sowers Action workers are voluntary, operational expenditure can therefore be kept to a minimum. All promotional and fundraising campaigns are self-financed and will be managed by balanced budgets. Even the work groups' travelling expenses for services in China are paid by the participants themselves. 

Besides, we try to follow in-house principle that suggests operational expenses should be 10% of donations received. People may feel that we are not willing to spend on promotion, and we will publicize ourselves only when there is fund raising event. So, it is very challenging for event's organizing committee that they need to raise funds for their own operational expenses.

What are Operational Expenses

It includes project execution fee, administrative fee, fund raising fee and other related expenses. All these expenses are funded by membership fee, donations from Honorary Councilors, designated donations, event sponsorship, bank interest, and fund raising activities for operational expenses, etc.

Project execution fee are those related to educational projects such as sponsorship fee of working groups, mainland office expenses (staff remuneration package & rental fee, etc) and other expenses (such as purchase of teacher training materials).
Administrative fee refers to office and staff members related expenses.
Fund raising fee refers to promotional expenses of events
Other related expenses are related to foreign exchange loss and others.