Youth Ambassadors Program
About SAYA
Founded in 2006, “Sowers Action Youth Ambassador Programme” (the “Programme”) is a secondary-school-sector charity education programme leading by the volunteers from Sowers Action. The Programme has cultivated over 600 secondary school students as Youth Ambassadors within its 6-year history. This year, the Programme not only aims to enhance the leadership skills, ability of organising and sense of responsibility, but also to enrich the sight by providing the participants various activities: talks, workshops and training camps for instance.

The Programme is highlighted by a 6-day exchange trip to rural China. Participants would find it meaningful and unforgettable as they will experience the life of the local students with the unique “1 to 1 matching”: each of the participants will be assigned to a local student, spending their time together and lodging in the school throughout the trip. The matching absolutely builds up a strong connection for culture and academic exchange, benefiting the personal growth of the participants. Moreover, sharing sessions will be held after the trip, calling for more concern and care to the rural China in the society.
  1. To promote the education development work in China of Sowers Action to the next generation.
  2. To cultivate the participants by building confidence, enhancing leadership, equipping the ability of activity organising and problem solving.
  3. To enlarge the social circle of the participants by improving the communication ability and building team spirit.
  4. To advance the cultural exchange by the real-life experience of the trip to rural China.
Size: 80
Target: Secondary 3 to Secondary 5 local students, from lower-classed families, and recommended by their school teachers
Year Plan
Activities Date (Tentative) Content
Promotion and recruitment Sep-Oct 2013 Promote the programme;
Recruit students to be the participants of the programme
Briefing and interview session 26 Oct 2013 & 2 Nov 2013 Interview the applicant and admit participants;
Introduce Sowers Action, the schedule of the programme and other related details
Workshop (1st session) 9 Nov 2013 Teach how to formulate an event proposal and the skills of organising activities
Workshop (2nd session) 16 Nov 2013 Executive the proposed event
Leadership training workshop 14 Dec 2013 Enhance the leadership and communication skills
Presentation session 21-22 Dec 2013 Present the proposal of the school-based activities respectively
School-based activities Jan to Apr 2014 Conduct the planned school-based activities in the schools which participants belong to
Hiking 16 Mar 2014 Train up the stamina of the participants
Report session 26 Apr 2014 Report the results, achievements and evaluation of the school-based activities 
Confirm the trip participants Mid May 2014 Select 30 participants to the Hunan exchange trip according to their performance in the local programme
2-day training camp 12-13 Jul 2014 The selected trip participants attend 2-day-1-night training camp to build up team spirit and problem-solving skills
6-day exchange trip to rural China July-Aug 2014 6-day trip to rural Hunan China for an academic and cultural exchange by living along with the Hunan students
Reunion and sharing Mid Aug 2014 Participants share their feeling and achievements

Enquiry: 2597 4739 (Ms. Wu)